Dlozi ngwana badimo is a South African brand established in 2020 during the lock down period. The founder and CEO Nape Phasha refers to the brand as a movement rather than a clothing brand. He says the aim is to emphasize identity that was long demonized through fashion. In only one month of Dlozi ngwana badimo’s existence we shipped to all 9 provinces.

I found this very strange because dlozi ngwana badimo was meant to be a family brand as I’ve always been referred to as ngwana badimo from the small village of mohlaletse ga sekhukhune were I was born and bread.

My late mother is an inspiration behind this movement. She was a traditional womb specialist as she also struggled to conceive after marriage which led to her undergoing the initiation process and only after that myself and my other 3 sibling were born. This is were addressing myself as ngwana badimo comes from. I am a child of the ancestors and after I printed myself a t shirt and posted a picture on social media, South Africa could relate and late that same night my inbox was floating with messages of people wanting the exact same t shirt.

This is how it all started and as they say the rest is history. I’m proud to say we have shipped across Africa and 2 years later the demand is still overwhelming.

What Matters to Us ?

We strive for excellence and quality. Our success is measured by the quality of life of the people who associate themselves with us. We aim to industrialize the villages and transform them into factories and warehouses.

  • We are Traditional gift store.
  • We manufacture and sell apparel as well as sneakers.
  • We have variety of clothing and headwear in store.